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Places of Change & Destruction, Drawings 2017

Art Space Gallery | Michael Richardson Contemporary Art
84 St Peter’s Street, London N1 8JS, 6th September - 14th October

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Deanna Petherbridge: Places of Change & Destruction, Drawings 2017
with essay ‘Destruction and Graphic Strategies of Excess’ by Deanna Petherbridge
Art Space Gallery | Michael Richardson Contemporary Art, London
ISBN 978-0-9957524-1-2

Circa Press, London 2016, Deanna Petherbridge: Drawing and Dialogue

The book contains essays by Gill Perry, Martin Clayton, Roger Malbert, Deanna Petherbridge and Angela Weight. ISBN 978-0-9930721-5-4

Review: Richard Cork, The Art Newspaper, No. 290, May 2017

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Deanna Petherbridge, ‘The Destruction of the City of Homs’, Drawing Matter

    Catalogue essay, Faultlines, The Drawing Works at Patriothall Gallery, Stockbridge, Edinburgh Art Festival, 4th - 27th August 2017

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